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Ford Truck Wreckers Dismantlers Melbourne
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At TOP Ford truck wreckers, we provide cash for ford trucks, free truck removal along with wrecking and dismantling services. Sell your unwanted Ford truck and get paid up to $20,999 cash with us. We buy all old, broken, scrap, junk and damaged Ford trucks.

We are one the most reliable Ford wreckers in Melbourne with almost a decade of experience. We cover all the areas of Melbourne, Geelong and Warragul for free truck inspection, quote and pick up.

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Do not waste your time and money by keeping your old or unwanted Ford truck in your garage. Because the natural rust will convert it into scrap. And you will lose all the money which you can get today selling it.

Ford Truck Wreckers Recyclers

Top Cash for Ford Trucks – Earn Up To $20,999

If you have any unwanted Ford truck that looks like an old, scrap, junk, damaged or broken the TOP Ford truck wreckers are ready to buy it from your hands. Without spending any time or effort in finding a private truck buyers, we can pay you a maximum cash of up to $20,999.

Whenever you select our company to wreck your Ford truck, we pay you money on the spot. The other benefits include free to pick up and collection of your truck from your premises. Nevertheless, our team will take care of the transfer papers which is a legal requirement from VicRoads.

Fair Cash for Old Ford Trucks

If you have any old or unwanted Ford truck for sale then contact TOP Ford truck wreckers and get a free quote for selling and wrecking it. For us, it doesn’t matter whether it is running or non-running, we will come and buy it from your hands after paying fair cash.

Reasonable Cash for Scrap Trucks

Have you ever heard that you can get rid of your unwanted Ford truck for a reasonable cash amount? This is great news for you that now you can not only sell your scrap, junk or damaged Ford truck to TOP Ford truck wreckers, but you can also get a free truck pick up and collection service on the same day.

We will give you cash on the spot after arriving to your place. By choosing our company you do not need to wait for long regarding payment or collection or paperwork as we do everything on the spot.

Reasons to Choose Us:

You will find a lot of companies who will be ready to buy your old truck. They will promise you a lot of benefits. But you have to choose a reliable and professional truck wreckers. Our easy and quick service are the main attributes due to which most of people prefer TOP Ford truck wreckers. You may choose us because one the following reasons

  • You can easily contact us from anywhere in Melbourne. You can approach us by calling on our official number. Alternatively, send an email or fill out our online quote form.
  • You can get free evaluation of your vehicle. You will be free to decide to whether to sell your Ford truck to us or not.
  • All the transfer documents will be prepare and completed by our team.
  • We are paying cash for every old, scrap, broken and damaged Ford truck.
  • There are no limitations on the make and model of the truck.
  • People get cash amount along with free removal service.
  • All suburbs in Melbourne, Warragul and Geelong are covered

So put your request for hassle free truck removal service which is the same like our old car removal service. When our team comes to your door step you just have to tell the exact location of vehicle. After that our experts will do their work. Meanwhile you just need to count the agreed cash. And sign the selling documents of the vehicle.

We Buy All Ford Truck Models

At TOP Ford truck wreckers, we are interested in every make and model of Ford truck. So you do not need to think which models you can sell to us. If you have Ford truck which is fully depreciated. You can sell it to Ford Truck Wreckers Melbourne. These are some models of Ford Truck you can easily sell to us in any condition.

  • Ford 0409
  • Ford Big Mover
  • Ford Cargo 1113
  • Ford Cargo 2417
  • Ford Trader
  • Ford Trader 0409
  • Ford Trader 0509
  • Ford Trader Crew Cab

We are one of the most well-known and famous trucks wreckers in Melbourne. So, we also wreck other makes and models. As a result, we also have Mitsubishi truck salvage and Isuzu wrecking yard at our recycling facility.

About TOP Ford Truck Wreckers as Dismantlers

We are working from the last 10 years as wreckers and dismantlers in Melbourne. We are running our business under the licensed of Australian law. Our company is ranked the top dismantler organization in the area. We have all the necessary machinery and experts to complete the job. We wreck and dismantle Ford trucks into usable spare parts and scrap. The usable spare parts are then resale in the market. While the scrap is recycled according to standards in our recycling plant. Our aim is to clear Melbourne roads from old and junk Ford Trucks.

Need of Ford Truck Wreckers

Ford trucks are one of the best commercial trucks easily available in the Australian market. Their high quality manufacturing material made them long lasting. But due to natural wear and tear it also requires some repairing with the time. But like all the good commercial trucks there comes a stage where your truck becomes irreparable. Then you have to sell it and purchase a new one. Most of the people did not like the tiring process of selling vehicle. Because for a good deal you have to spend some time. And sometime wasting lot of time, you still did not get the desired result. The TOP Ford truck wreckers is the ultimate solution for all you’re the hassles. You will get good cash amount along with free expelling and removal service.

How to Contact Us

You will be thinking of get the maximum cash with the free pick up and removal service. But you will be wondering how to contact us. At TOP Ford truck wreckers, the process of selling a Ford truck is so simple and easy to understand. You can choose any of the following channel to get in touch with us.

  • Call us on 0434 281 062
  • Email [email protected]
  • You can fill our online form and get your free quotation.

You just need to tell about the basic details about your vehicle. When you will call us our team will ask the questions. You just need to answer them. And get your free quote. After receiving our quotation, you can take your time to decide accept it or not. There is no obligation on you to accept our offer.

In case you accept our offer just informed us about your decision. Our team from nearest yard to your location will approach in the next 24 hours.

Just tell the exact location of vehicle to our experts. We will remove your vehicle with due care. You will get your cash before the vehicle will leave you property. So make your mind and contact us by any channel which best suits you.

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